UBEATS (Universal BioMusic Education Achievement Tier in Science) is both curriculum and programming.

The UBEATS curriculum is a BioMusic formal education initiative funded by the National Science Foundation as a Discovery Research K-12 exploratory project and a collaboration of UNCG and North Carolina State University. Award: $374,000. The curriculum development project focused on the ‘science of music’ for elementary grades 2 to 5. Two teams of in-service teachers comprised of science teachers and music teachers developed innovative modules for upper and lower elementary grades that conform to national science and music standards. The lessons feature inquiry-based learning that builds science-processing skills through investigations of the natural world’s musicality. In July 09, UNCG hosted a UBEATS Summer Institute for 20 teachers and 25 students to introduce the curriculum and to launch a UBEATS Teacher Cohort in the Guilford County Schools and surrounding school districts to beta-test the curriculum during AY09/10. Curriculum can be found here: https://mtd.uncg.edu/ubeats/

Watch the UBEATS 2016 Wild Music Fest!

Virtual Mentors:

  • Roger Payne (whale songs) Ocean Alliance
  • Steve Nowicki (bird songs) Duke University
  • Don Hodges (music/brain) UNCG
  • Doug Quin (bioacoustics) Syracuse University
  • Tecumseh Fitch (animal communication), U of Vienna.


  • Dr. John Bransford
    PI, NSF-SLC LIFE Center
    College of Education
    University of Washington
  • Dr. Cynthia Williamson
    Director, Curriculum, Instruction & Technology
    North Carolina Dept. of Public Instruction
  • Ms. Christie Ebert
    Arts Education Consultant
    North Carolina Dept of Public Instruction
  • Dr. Sam Houston
    North Carolina Science, Mathematics, and Technology Education Center
    Research Triangle Park


  • Ms. Zebetta King, NC Science Teacher of the Year 2009
  • Mr. Philip Blackburn, composer and bioacoustician.